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>> big storm headed to the northeast, we're tracking it. boston could get more than two feet of snow. we're hearing comparisons to an epic blizzard of 1978, it hit 35 years ago nearly to the day. some areas of new england back then got 40 inches of snow. and cape cod wind gusts 93 miles per hour, that's well over hurricane strength, approximately 100 people died in that storm. let's hope not a repeat. >> let's hope not. great to have you with us on a friday, everybody. >> "america live" starts right now. >> and we start with a fox news alert on this epic blizzard, and it's closing in right now in the northeast, 50 million people are in the path of what could be a storm for the record books this time around. welcome to "america live" this afternoon everybody, i'm marsha mccallum in for megyn
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kelly today. be and the snow started outside our windows a while ago, if you're in boston, a place where the governor there has just banned all travel on state highways, duval patrick and that will take place 4 p.m. this afternoon, all the roads shut down in that entire area. it's a monster storm, you can see it on this map that we're showing you right now. really, just starting to gather steam. but even before the first snowflake fell, blizzard warnings were posted across most of the northeast. expected total increasing by the hour. right now new england and the northeast are the places that are bracing for up to two feet of snow. new york city we're now told the latest totals could be in the 14 inch range, boston is clearly the bulls eye of this northeast storm, but so many areas are going to feel it all around that and that city could get as much as three feet, we're being told right now. if you're planning to travel by air in the area on the map,
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you can pretty much forget it, folks. nearly 3800 flights have been canceled on the east coast, and the mayor of boston deploying work crews out in force, and virtually planning to shut the city down. they don't want anybody out on the roads. >> we have a 34,000 tons of salt over 600 pieces of equipment ready to be deployed throughout the storm. again, this is a storm of major proportion. stay off the roads. stay home. let the public works crews do their job the next 48 to 72 hours. >> so you hear that, and a live report coming up later in the hour from our fox extreme weather center which will give you the newest information and we will have an update coming in soon on the storm's path. and this is the other huge story right now, the desperate search for a suspected killer who right now appears to be pretty much one step ahead of
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the police. a news conference wrapped up about a half an hour ago, at this moment hundreds of officers in dozens of locations are out there looking for any sign of christopher dorner. he is a former police officer, a former soldier, a highly trained marksman and he is accused of gunning down three people, including a police officer and a police officer's daughter and her fiancfiance. the lapd is calling this the largest manhunt they've launched in their history and believe that dorner is armed with multiple weapons root now including assault rifles and making things more complicated he's leaving little clues in multiple locations across the state, that are sort of tripping them up to some extent. from san diego where he allegedly tried to steal a boat and to the mountains around big bear, where the locals have been barricading their doors. that picture right there is the aerial shot of what was
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his car. it's torched, it's a truck. it was found on a quiet forest road in the big bear, california area, but perhaps, really, at this point the most worry some of all is his threat of quote, warfare against lapd officers in or out of uniform. because that could put just about anybody in harm's way in this story. william la jeunesse is on it for us, he's live at the lapd headquarters in los angeles. william, are they getting any closer to this guy? >> no, martha and as the storm is now hitting in big bear and the snow continues to fall up there, every hour that goes by, the trail for christopher dorner grows colder and despite the freezing temperatures, the high winds and the winter storm up there, the law enforcement have not given up. there's about a hundred officers up there right now, continuing their search by foot. they're also using snow caps for the s.w.a.t. teams and putting chains on the armored
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personnel carriers to traverse those mountain rose. they did lose a helicopter and thermal camera capability because of low visibility. they have completed a door-to-door search of homes in the village. now they're concentrating on the unoccupied cabins upslope. >> we searched all night. we did not discover any additional evidence and we certainly did not locate him. we're continuing our search in the local area as well as up on the mountain near where the truck was found. >> now, that truck that was taken into custody yesterday is still being processed so we don't know what evidence they found, nichelle casings, weapons, scanners, that kind of thing, martha. and also, we do know that he remains in many ways, lapd's worst nightmare. either way, because dorner, he intentionally, whether or not he intentionally torched that truck, set a trap or as a diversion, we don't know
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whether he has jumped in possibly in another car or a motorcycle and he could be long gone by now. lapd has canceled its tactical alert, but they continued that protective detail on the officers named in the manifesto because they could remain in danger and finally, martha, there is an undercover police unit on his mother's homes in suburban los angeles, but right now, this guy's photo is literally everywhere, on every tv screen that's in law enforcement's favor, he can't disappear forever, however, balls of hecause of hi training, he could be underground. >> and thanks to his manifesto. and what the sheriff had to say moments ago, listen to some of this. >> we're continuing the search for the suspect. we searched all night. we did not discover any additional evidence and we certainly did not locate him. we're continuing our search in the local area, as well as up
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on the mountain near where the truck was found. we still have over 100 law enforcement officers throughout southern california assisting us. we're continuing to provide as much security as we can to the community of big bear. our commitment is to make sure that number one, our deputies are safe in this search, but in addition, making sure that this community is safe. we're going to continue searching until we discover he left the mountain or we find him. >> those guys are not going to back off on this. this is a man who killed the daughter of one of their own lapd police officers and this is very, very serious stuff. new information on his background, some details about him from the people who know him best. former college friends are now speaking out, including one man who was named in dorner's angry manifesto, is speaking out. trace gallagher has more on this for us live from our west coast news room. hi there, trace. >> reporter: think about the
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enormity of this search, right? you've got every western region police station on high alert and his picture is plastered all over television, newspapers and the internet and yet, people are asking how is it that he is evaded one of the biggest manhunt's in recent history. maybe the key to understanding that, martha, is kind of getting an idea of who we're dealing with. check this out we're talking about christopher dorner who wanted to be a cop from a very young age and a warrior, he trained to do that. he became a very good athlete, young m life. went on to be a college running back. in the navy he was a rifle marksman. he was a pistol expert, which is the highest level. he learned river and undersea warfare, he was aviation training expert and also, knows the police tactics and techniques. if you would, listen to one of the men who was actually named in that manifesto talking about his friend, play this. >> he seemed very rational and you know, articulate and
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intelligent and well-reasoned. nothing about his favor in my experience suggested he was violent in any fashion or that he was unreasonable or take drastic type steps. >> reporter: now consider the timeline, last friday he was discharged from the navy after being passed over for promotion. sunday, the bodies of monica kwan and her fiance were found riddled with bullets in a parking garage in orange county, kwan's father represented dorner during the hearing that led to him being fired. but still, there were no suspects until the manifesto was posted on facebook, and police noticed that her father, randall kwan, was noted in this quote, quoting here, i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm now terminating yours. look your wives, husbands and surviving children directly in the face and tell them the truth, as to why your children are dead. an all points bulletin was issued. wednesday night he tried to
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steal a boat in san diego, the boat wouldn't start. three hours later pulled out by lapd officers and got out, opened fire with a rifle and grazing one of the officers, but then got away. another alert was put out and 15 minutes later, he ambushed two other police officers, one of them was killed. a third alert was put out and yesterday afternoon, martha, they finally found the car in big bear. they flooded the entire region with police officers, scent dogs and helicopters and yet, christopher dorner remains at large. police are on alert and they are baffled by this case. >> what a story this is, somehow in all of that he did manage to slip away. trace, thank you for that. we'll see you a little bit later. coming up, we are going to bring in an expert, a former fbi profiler who just wrapped up a session of looking into, trying to figure out who this is and also, one of america's most prominent political families finding themselves the target of a brazen
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security breach, a big story involving the bush family. we're going to bring you the story. an internet hacker claiming to have swiped a bunch of sensitive information about the bush family and plus, a rude awakening for people looking to fill up before today's monster winter storm when everything is expected to pretty much shut down. gas prices are spiking, up 40 cents in some areas over just the past couple of weeks and some new fallout today from the benghazi hearing as top defense officials admit that they did not hear from president obama or from secretary of state hillary clinton on the night of this attack. what does that tell us about the administration's handling of this crisis? our panel debates. . >> my question to you is during that eight-hour period, did the president show any curiosity about how is this going? what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he ever make that phone call? >> look, there is no question
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>> welcome back, we want to get you back to the breaking news on the blizzard, and moments ago we're learning that the governor of massachusetts ordered a complete highway shutdown and that will begin at four o'clock this afternoon. and really outright banning travel on all of the roads and that makes it an easy decision for folks in the boston area, they're not going anywhere this afternoon. the snow just started to fall in the northeast and in new england, you've got two huge storm systems, one coming through and then a bit of a break and another one coming in right behind it. the blizzard follows the same path, really, as sandy. janice dean is very familiar with what's going on here, tracking this storm live in our fox extreme weather center. what can we expect? >> well, our forecast is actually coming together and it's those two storms we're seeing that happen right now.
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they're merging together and we're going to see out of that a major nor'easter and i just want to read you what's coming out of the national weather service in government. white-out conditions and those featuring outdoors lost or disoriented and why they have a ban on the cars at 4 p.m. could see two to four inches of snow per hour and that's going to be impressive and we're going to undergo substantial increase in snow from northern new jersey to southern new england in the next couple of hours and all of this is making a transition to snow as the storm bombs out, that's what we call it when it it intensifies. both of the storms coming together and the potential for a record breaking snowfall amount across the boston area, but taking a look at 6 p.m. this will change over to snow in new york, it will be snow in hartford up towards boston and then cape cod and the islands overnight tonight and tomorrow, that's when we're going to see winds in
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excessive 30, 40 miles per hour and in some cases for a 12 to 18 period of time. that is going to cause some major power outages, martha and unfortunately we're going to be dealing with temperatures behind that system with wind chills in the single digits to below zero. very dangerous for folks that are without power. and again, just to make mention, see the red here, blizzard warnings for 23 million people. >> wow. >> this is a big storm and as you mentioned a lot of the areas hard hit by hurricane sandy and people are really nervous around these areas. >> you know what? it's not just the snow, but it's the wind as you said. >> yeah. >> and the power outages that come along with that and then the piercing cold that is expected to be right behind that, janice, a lot for people to keep up on here and make the right choices today. >> and boston is managing to do a good job of keeping its people inside. >> we'll get everybody updated on this throughout the day. thanks so much, janice. let's switch over to politics
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here, days before president obama will deliver his state of the union address that happens on tuesday night. we're getting a new picture of an american public that's somewhat down in the dumps at odds with the government according to brand new fox polls that we have. more than half, 52% of those who responded said that they believe that the worst is still yet to come in this economy. and compared to 40%, hobble th-- who believe that the worst is behind us. and take a look, government spending, 32%. health care is right after that and they disagree with president obama's stance that government doesn't have a spending problem. 83% say, yeah, actually, they do think that there is a big spending problem in this country. so, is the president listening to the people on this? chris stirewalt joins me now, fox news digital power editor and power play on live. how are you. >> excellent.
10:20 am
>> and with the storm coming and blue folks out there about the economy. this is a disconnect that's been going on before the election. >> the president in a lot of ways is back where he was before the election approval rating has drifted back down and all of these other things, to your point when you see it's by a 6-1 ratio or 6-1 margin american voters say, yeah, obviously we have a spending problem and a poll that said by a 5-1 margin, cutting government spending was a more effective way to stimulate the economy than more government spending, so, as the president goes out to give the state of the union address he's going to call for more spending and what he knows is that the american people are not buying what he's selling on that. >> you know, it does feel as if there's a bit of a disconnect in this. you know, the president, no doubt, and it's a fact. he was reelected by a majority of the electoral votes and he believes that he has that mandate to work on the economy the way that he thinks it should be worked on. here is a little bit of sound
10:21 am
i wanted to play from the democratic issues conference he spoke at. i want your thoughts on this, chris. >> it means we're going to talk about, yes, deficits and taxes and is sequesters and potl government shutdown, but all from the perspective of how are we making sure that somebody who works hard in this country, a cop or a teacher or a construction worker, or a receptionist, that they can make it if they work hard? and that their kids can make it? >> what's the message there to you, chris. >> he wants to be a transformative president in the second term and move from the center right idea that says cutting and less government is better ffr the economy to one that says that the government can plan, organize, direct economic activity and take tax revenues and borrowed money to stimulate and help out these middle class people, but it
10:22 am
doesn't sync up with what people are thinking now so the president has a big sales job ahead of him and to your point, you and janice were talking about, if you've already been hit by one storm, the recession that followed the panic of 2008 and if you're waiting for the next storm to hit land, my goodness, not receptive to the idea of the government borrowing more and taxing more when you think that's a recipe for disaster? >> yeah, it's very interesting to me, feels like in many ways though, people have disconnected from believing that anybody could change the situation. it's like there's an acceptance, you know, a sort of like, well, this is just the way it is and i think it's interesting and poses some issues for the country, chris, thank you very much. always good to see you. weather the storm, buddy. take it easy. all right, so, almost out of the blue, the price of gas is suddenly pushing $4 a gallon, once again. in a lot of places in this country, the reason why, and where it's going next, we'll show you. plus, boston is hoping that
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>> we have some breaks news crossing moments ago, on the former congressman jesse jackson, jr., reports he has signed a plea deal with the justice department regarding the misuse of campaign funds. the chicago sun times reported earlier that the plea is
10:27 am
expected to include significant jail time for jesse jackson, jr. the reported deal would also involve repaying the government hundreds of thousands of dollars. fox has confirmed that a deal has been reached on the misuse of funds, but we're trying to get more specifics into what is involved here. you'll remember that he left congress, the reports were that he was not well and now we've learned this development for jesse jackson, jr. and more coming up on that, stay tuned for more as you get it. so, a nasty surprise for americans as they go to fill up their tanks, ahead of the big winter storm today and we all have been encouraged to do that because you remember what happened during hurricane sandy and gas prices start their annual jump, a little bit higher than usual this time around, the average price for a gallon of regular now $3.57. and this with the summer driving season many, many months away. don't you wish it was closer at this moment? what's going on here? diane macedo joins me from the fox business network.
10:28 am
why the push now on prices. >> you've got it. it's not spring yet let alone summer. you should know according to the triple-a average we're now 27 cents higher than we were just a month ago. why the climb? interestingly enough, analysts cite the improving economy as one reason. that sends oil prices up, which in turn sends gas prices up. opec production cuts are another reason for that climb and oil prices in order to turn that into gasoline, you need to send it through refineries and many of those are shutting down permanently or closing for maintenance in anticipation of that switch to summer blend gasoline and put that together and it's enough to drive investors to put their money into energy futures although none of this is particularly unusual, it seems to be happening earlier and earlier every year, and this year clearly no exception. all that said, there is a bright spot here for drivers, martha. that is that analysts are forecasting this year, oil prices will peak at a lower price than last year, if you look alt the year overall, the
10:29 am
average price is expected to be lower than it was last year. so, there is that. so going up, and going up earlier, but not as much as before. >> exactly. >> martha: thank you, diane mace macedo. and we've got a troubling new fox poll that shows a large number of americans are worried that the country is now weaker than it was four years ago. we're going to ask our panel why americans are feeling that way, we'll dig into that moments from now. plus, the west coast is very much on edge right now. as authorities search for a man suspected of targeting members of the police department where he once worked. we will speak with a fbi profiler about how he is managing to evade hundreds of police officers right now who are spread out, looking for him over dozens of locations. and new questions about the night that four americans were brutally killed in benghazi, libya. stunning emissions-- admissions from our military leaders and from the
10:30 am
department of defense. we have some republicans asking questions now about whether president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton were there to answer the call when they were needed. we'll be right back. how do we take an unpolished room and make it shine? we get doing... ...with a store full of ways to get it done. we can all throw on our work clothes... ...and throw out any doubt. because right now's the time to take those rooms from... ..."think i can do this?" to... ..."let me show you what i just did." more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. outsmart your budget with this ashland vanity, a special buy at $299.
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>> certain there's been time to get out of here, but we're not sure if he in fact has left. there are a number of places up on the mountain we haven't
10:34 am
gotten to yet we're continuing to search. >> how hard-- >> we have great partners, san bernardino has a snow cat and we have the s.w.a.t. guys in the snow cat and armored personnel carrier and we're up on the mountain roads with those pieces of equipment. >> martha: a little more from the police conference from a short while ago. s.w.a.t. team members are out in a snow cat at the mountain resort and hunting for the ex-cop and triple murder suspect. you've got more than a hundred police officers putting up road blocks and searching car to car and want to find this guy who killed one of their own and they're looking for christopher dorner is his name. he's a former police officer, a highly trained navy veteran with sniper skills. he's believed to be heavily armed, extremely dangerous, and he has promised to use everything in his training, he said in his own writing, including something he may be employing right now which is
10:35 am
his survival techniques. this goes back to sunday, this whole story, when he was suspected of targeting and killing the daughter of one of his former police colleagues and her fiance, yesterday, he ambushed it would have police officers, killed one of those and wounded the other and that's how he got away. trace is live from the los angeles bureau with a little more on this. hey, hello again, trace. >> reporter: hello martha. just like yesterday, a number of potential sightings of christopher dorner, but none of those turned out to be accurate leads. what's interesting, there has not been a single sighting of him in big bear where his truck was found yesterday afternoon and that truck of course was on fire. there are, for context, three roads that lead in and out of big bear, all of those roads now have check points on them and they've conducted door-to-door searches. there are no reports that we know of any stolen cars in the area. and his truck was parked about 20, 25 yards off the side of the road and there were
10:36 am
footprints in the snow leading away from the car. listen to the police. >> they did lead around in that wooded area where the truck was found and we continue to follow him until we lost him where the ground got frozen and we couldn't continue to track. >> and i can tell you, i've spent many summers up there, there are a number of cabins and summer homes back in those hills. there's even a nearby girl scout camp that's abandoned in the winter time, so there are places for him to hide and to hole up. and of course, police are up there actively searching, but want to make sure they're not lured into some kind of a trap or an ambush, but we'll keep you posted on the search. >> martha: trace, thank you, we'll check back with you in a little while. >> it's 3 a.m. and your children are safe asleep, but there's a phone in the white house that is ringing. something's happening in the world. your vote will decide who answers that call, whether it's someone who already knows the world and knows the military. someone tested and ready to
10:37 am
lead in a dangerous world. it's 3 a.m., and your children are safe asleep. who do you want answering the phone? >> and tested and ready to lead in a dangerous world, you of course remember that ad. if you watched any of the 2008 presidential race. then senator hillary clinton famously attacking then senator obama suggesting that she would be the more appropriate person that you would want to answer that 3 a.m. emergency call when it would indeed come one day at the white house. but after contentious hearing with the secretary of defense, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, some republican senators are suggesting that neither the secretary or the president were there to answer the call when they were needed. on the night of september the 11th, 2012, four americans were killed in a horrific terrorist attack in benghazi, libya. here is a little bit from yesterday's contentious hearings. watch. >> did you ever get the message that said they could
10:38 am
not withstand the sustained attack on the consulate? >> i was tracking that intelligence. i was tracking through general-- >> did you receive that information? >> i did and i saw-- >> so it doesn't bother you? >> it bothered me a great deal and-- >> and why weren't the systems in place ready to respond? >> because we never received the request to do so, number one, and number two-- >> never heard of ambassador stevens' repeated warnings about the-- >> i had, sir, through general hamm, but never received a request for support from the state department which would have allowed us to put forces on the ground. >> so it's the state department's fault. >> i'm not blaming the assault department i'm sure-- >> who would you blame. >> i'm sorry, sir? >> who is responsibility then? it's clear that assessment was made that they could not withstand the sustained attack on the consulate with it being september 11th and many other indications that are on that board over there, various attacks that have already taken place. >> i stand by the report of the accountability review
10:39 am
board, but i would also say, senator, i was also concerned at that time with yemen, khartoum, islamabad, kabul, baghdad. we had some pretty significant threat intelligence those places. >> martha: joined bu margery clifton, a principal at clifton consulting and lars larsen, good to have you both here today. >> thanks. >> martha: marjorie, what's your reaction to that back and forth? >> i think that americans-- >> and marjorie. >> lars, lars, the two names-- >> sorry. >> you have to look at what the hearings are actually for and designed to do is to actually understand where the breakdown was. look, it's no secret and no one would say that it's a wild success. it was a failure in benghazi what happened, but what the hearings are designed to do is actually to understand and
10:40 am
uncover where the breakdown exists and to make modifications and you know, look, i don't want to be cynical, but what it starts looking like as we're playing politics and starting to show a breakdown, you know, that is leaning towards or pointed at hillary clinton or democrats, and what mccain is doing is sort of unfairly, i think, trying to pin it on a person. >> marjorie, let me ask you this, marjorie and lars i'll let you jump in. do you think it feels that way to the four families of the people lost, who have no answers who were told by president obama that the person and people who did this would be hunted down, that they would see justice? whatever happened to that? >> well, i think that's where the modifications and where justice is trying to be done in trying to understand where the breakdown is so it doesn't happen again in the future. but the reality is, when we look at intelligence and even when they talk about the potential threats that existed on that 9/11 day. what intelligence reports were showing, there were threats in a lot of other places and to
10:41 am
expect that we're going to be able to have the kind of response that was needed in benghazi, given intelligence they have was impossible. >> i don't know why it was impossible, i'm just a mere mortal, but 13 to 15 hours is not enough time to get the united states military on the ground and lars what we're hearing from general dempsey, it wasn't that they couldn't do it, it was they didn't get the request. >> that's right. and this is something that's significant, this isn't, marjorie, about blaming one person, it's saying there was a colassel failure at all levels. the president gets a briefing at five o'clock, he's told the attack is underway he then leaves the white house. he's absent. the military never gets a request from the state department. and the state department has a secretary of state, hillary clinton, who says she never saw the cables coming from her own ambassador, chris stevens, who cabled the state department to say, we're in trouble, not that night, but previous to that. plenty of warning ahead of time. there had been other attacks in the region, in that country. and the state department
10:42 am
ignored it and not even bringing it to the secretary's attention. so, hillary clinton is out of touch and out of hand. >> i mean, it is hard, i think, for most people to believe, marjorie, that the president and the secretary of state were not constantly back and forth with the department of defense, state department, all of them in constant contact. we haven't lost an ambassador, a u.s. ambassador in 30 years, this was a very, very big deal. so, don't you think that it's a little odd they weren't hounding each other on the phone and give me an update i need to know what's happening? is there any way we can get there and help these guys. isn't that odd? >> well, i think what we have to look at again, what we need to gain here is understanding of where the breakdowns are and it shouldn't be a partisan issue, it should be an american issue how we solve it. our armed services is bipartisan and the people involved as well. >> martha. >> and the key thing-- >> marjorie. and in this situation, actually, what had happened was that they have given, it was a war time decision, things are happening very fast on the ground and decisions
10:43 am
have been given to panetta and to dempsey and-- >> fact remains, marjorie. two navy seals were killed in the final hours of this, eight hours into it. i don't think there's much sol list to their families there was a little bit of a break down and sorry, but they'll try to figure out a way from happening again. >> agreed. you have to look at the greater picture of what we're dealing with even in the dod and intelligence community, the demands put on our resources and amount of money it takes to have available resources at all the embassies and all the locations that they were seeing threats those days, something we have to look at. >> martha: i understand that, but there were. >> martha. >> martha: there were people ready to go. lars, the last thought, i'm sorry to cut you off. >> this is absurd. senator rand paul pointed out that the other embassies spent money on things, electric car charging stations and goodies and nice things while we're ignore basic security in a country at war, where our people are in harm's way? this is absurd. the fact that, you know, as
10:44 am
senator mccain pointed out, they could have moved troops up and resources in the region to just 90 minutes away from benghazi and tripoli as they headed up to the anniversary of september 11th which apparently everybody understands the significance of, except for hillary clinton and barack obama. >> martha: we've got to go. i don't think we're going to hear that much more about this sadly, and i do hope for these four families that they get an update on how it's going, tracking down these killers because those are questions that i'm sure they desperately want answered, too. >> that's why the dod is making modifications as we speak. and the hearing, that's what it's for. >> martha: marjorie, thanks very much, lars many thanks. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: thanks very much, you guys. all right, well, back to the national weather service here, which is a big story today and that office in massachusetts has just put out brand new gie guidance on the storm, saying, wherever you need to go get there now and you need to stay there. ahead of the highway shutting down, huge flight cancellations and forget about
10:45 am
flying anywhere, 3800 flights canceled already and now nasa is giving us a close-up look at something else in the skies, an asteroid that's headed our way next week. we're going to show you how chose it is and how soon we expect a visit. ♪
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
>> we saw the tracks as i indicated last night, we followed those tracks around through the forest, we haven't found any new information to suggest the tracks are going any specific area. >> you believe they were his though. >> indicated they are. >> and how long did you follow them. >> until we lost them. >> and where did they lead into a wooded area or-- >> they did lead around in that wooded area where the
10:49 am
truck was found. we continued to follow them until we lost them or the ground got frozen and we couldn't continue to track. as relates to the people in this community, i told you once before, our primary concern is it to make sure that these folks in this community are safe and we've brought additional resources from other areas in the county to help patrol the area and doing everything we can to help catch this guy. >> back to the stop story now and more from the news conference, on chris dorner, the ex-cop threatening to kill police officers and their families. and the suspect one step ahead of the lapd right now and this is called the largest manhunt in lapd history. thousands of police officers involved including special details to protect 40 officers and their loved ones who are named in chris dorner's angry manifesto. imagine now those families feel now. and more than a hundred officers outside a mountain resort in los angeles and
10:50 am
officers are searching up to 400 homes. bill daley is a former lead are of control risk security consulting, so good to have you here today. boy, you heard what he said. that musting frustrating for them. they followed his tracks where the burned out vehicle was and then they lost them. >> well, extremely frustrating and also goes to show that this individual is quite clever, and what they need to be doing, much like you suggested in your piece is keeping focus on the other people who have been named because this guy has been probably planning this for a while and probably thought it out and knows police tactics and former military and a marksman and planning to draw them up to this area and may recoil himself and find himself back into the city. so this is a very complicated manhunt and a number of given facets to it and one that unfortunately, because of the human tragedy here was one that certainly would resemble a tv movie. >> it's incredible and we're just learning that the police are going to do another news conference at three o'clock
10:51 am
this afternoon. either they have more information now or hoping that they're going to have something more concrete that they can share at three o'clock and i know that they said that they're watching his family members' homes because often, we have seen, i mean, this is an atypical situation, but people, you know, wrap around to a place that they know, eventually, right? >> many times, the criminals or elder people go back to an area they're comfortable with, know the area and in and out and want to keep track of. i think he, right now that is thrown off a number of kind of police on different trails. the finding of his i.d. and other things down at san diego airport the other night. we had the shootings in riverside, and the l.a. area. and now we have him up with his truck on fire up in big bear. so there are a number of things that are going on here that are concerned that he has thought this out and he has some other plan, but you know, law enforcement has some other things on their side. they have technology and in addition to just following footprints in the snow there's thermal technology that can be
10:52 am
used. there's dogs, hound dogs and those things that help police time and time again. >> martha: we're going to hold you over the break, when we come back i want your answer to this question. he has said that he will use survival techniques, if he needs to to survive out there. what's the training in that? what can we expect from this man next? bill daley right after this break. we'll be right back. [ loud party sounds ] hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh?
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10:55 am
>> all right, we're back now with bill daley, you were saying that he has a lot of training and he talked in the manifesto about how he would use everything at his disposal, whether it was ballistics or guns or survival techniques. he could be still out there on that mountain and he could last there a while, right. >> he could. and this is someone who has military training as well as
10:56 am
he knows police tactics and knows what they're thinking and knows how they would go about conducting a search like this. i'm inclined to suggest they certainly be very careful about it, but you don't know whether he's trying to lure them into a position where he has an advantage where he may be able to shoot more of those police officers, you know, in his attempt to probably go out in a flame of glory. one thing, martha, one of the quotes released about him. self-preservation is no longer important to me, i to not fear death as i died a long time ago on january 2nd, 2009. this is somebody i believe who is going out at a point he can make his statement and if it means taking more people with him he'll do that. up on the mountain in the back drop of bear, bear lake up in california or down in the city, i believe he's going to make, try it make a spectacular departure. >> martha: he seems like a proud person knocked down in a serious way from that decision and seems like at that point, it changed his life and it changed the trajectory. >> well, you know, martha,
10:57 am
similar to what we see sometimes in other kind of workplace violence situations where you don't know what the mechanism is that pushes somebody over the edge. here is someone who went through military training, in the police department, but this particular event kind of pushed him to a point of no return and i think we'll see that sometimes with people in workplace violence, six months, a year later, things unfold and they go back and say, you more or less. >> martha: it's your fault. >> you're the one. >> martha: exactly. let's take a look at one of the quotes from the manifesto we have and look at a couple more that we have later. this is suppressing the truth will lead to deadly consequences for you and your family. there will be an element of surprise where you work, live, eat, and sleep. that's frightening for these people who have been named in this. >> very frightening and of course, he's followed through on it. the shootings this past weekend, you know, with the daughter of the former lapd officer who defended him in his tribunal hearing of the lapd. >> martha: that's got to be so personal for these guys, you
10:58 am
know? one of the captains of the lapd his daughter. he didn't go to the captain he went to his daughter, his child. doesn't that drive these police officers in a way that, you know, is perhaps not typical? >> it is and that's where they have to be concerned. they have to be sure that the emotion doesn't drive what they do and they don't make mistakes, because i think he's planning on that, he's planning on luring them in. there are a couple as i said, indications here that he's plotted this out. why do you have a car on fire, why do you leave i.d. in san diego airport. >> martha: thank you, we've got to leave it there. a dramatic new study coming up that shows some concerns about the great recession. more "america live" right after this break. stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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11:02 am
all the roads have to be shut down at four o'clock this afternoon. i'm martha mccallum on that note in for megyn kelly. you've got massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut all the governors of those states have now declared states of emergency and the brunt of what's expected to be a historic storm is still a couple of hours away from its full force, but state and city officials decide that now is the time that they need to take drastic action and airlines have canceled more than 4,000 flights now and that number up from the last hour at new york city, the three main airports, most domestic carriers planning to cease operations between now and 5 p.m. today. those will be the last flights out. a move that will have a huge ripple effect across the country as people try to get where they're going, you've got amtrak suspending much of their service in new york and new england and boston's public rail system has halted their service, that's going to happen actually the next 90 minutes from now, i should say and also back to the massachusetts governor, who has ordered all vehicles off the road, as i said.
11:03 am
that starts at 4 p.m. eastern and it's believed to be the first traffic ban. there will be no traffic in the boston area, first time that's happened since the blizzard of 1978, which a lot of of folks remember not so fondly, but they remember it quite well if they were there. anna kooiman joins me live in new york city and doing duty there. i saw you in the hall earlier and i said it looks like rain, but now looks like snow, anna. >> it went from wind to that rain and then ice and now it's starting to snow and certainly has been picking up by the hour since we started at 5 a.m. this morning, and we can it will you millions of really preparing it's the worst of the storm is expected throughout tonight and into tomorrow. snow falling possibly at a rate between two on three inches an hour, leaving white-out conditions and widespread power outages throughout, and states of emergencies in connecticut and massachusetts and up to three feet of snow and another two feet possible between
11:04 am
connecticut and maine. salt trucks, pre-treating roadways and schools have canceled classes before conditions get even worse. people in the path of the storm have been stocking up on food, water, batteries, medications, but residents are taking it in stride. >> moving forward. >> yeah. >> we live in new england, we plan for the best. >> and spring break in three weeks. >> exactly. >> and going to get me through it. >> new york city has more than 250,000 tons of salt and 1800 plows on stand by and transportation authority planning to use super powered snow throwing in an effort to keep the trains running smoothly. and michael bloomberg is warning residents to stay indoors. >> stay off the city streets and stay out of your cars and in your homes while the worst of the storm is on us. that's during potentially hazardous outdoor conditions. >> and flooding is a major concern, especially for the
11:05 am
coastline that was left very vulnerable to storm surge following superstorm sandy and fema getting involved monitoring the snowstorm from washington d.c., saying please heed the warning. back to you. >> martha: anna, thank you so much. conditions as you've been hearing from anna and see in the window behind me things are rapidly going downhill. here is a look at the live weather radar right now. you can see the massive blizzard, it's actually really i two systems, but they've pretty much collided into one large one at this point and now our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is getting brand new information on which areas we expect to get hit hardest and when. how much time have we got, rick? >> they're getting ready to merge, these two storms, but the nor'easter has formed, but the upper level energy from this other storm will in four to five hours, but we're getting heavy rain as we planned. the new york line has been so difficult to predict because that rain-snow line is right around new york city, so
11:06 am
anywhere just to the north is snow and just to the south is rain and right around new york, but what is generally happening, a lot of the slushy ice and sleety stuff an inch or two of that slush and kind of ice on the sidewalks and especially the north end of manhattan and a potential difference here, maybe the boughses like the bronx might see five or six inches more snow than you might see he in lower manhattan. a difference in a small area, but everybody getting something and once it turns into snow which is going to happen around 5 to seven o'clock tonight, the cold air will move in and all snow. everything below it is going to freeze and very big problems on the roadways. and winter storm warnings inland and the blizzard watch, warning i should say is in effect across coastal maine and just to new york city. we expect to see winds in excess of 35 miles per hour, and sustained for over three hours and visibility next to nothing. so, travel tonight, say, after the rush hour to tomorrow morning is pretty much impossible and that's why the governor of massachusetts
11:07 am
calling for that ban on all of the roads. looking at very significant snow, i still think we're talking about the boston area. much of connecticut, new york city, still we're this close to it, martha and we can't get an exact forecast because we're right on that line and makes it impossible to say. >> all right, rick, stay tuned. as you get even more. thanks so much and we're getting some new information on how some of the cities and states are getting ready for this blizzard and you heard new york's mayor. he says he has 250,000 tons of salt, a lot of salt, all on stand by out there on a barge or something. 1800 trucks and snowplows prepared to tackle the storm and the new jersey department of transportation say they'll be dealing with what they call the largest projected snow event in new jersey since 2011, that's not all that long ago and it's readying more than 2000 pieces of equipment and wind and power outages are a concern as well. nobody wants to go through that again having just gone through it with hurricane
11:08 am
sandy and the massachusetts department of transportation, they have over 4,000 snowplows and they'll be working in shifts at least 24 hours straight and no rest for the snowplow drivers over the night tonight. and remember the deadly boston blizzard of 1978? they're telling us that that may be the closest thing that the region has seen to this since the-- look at the black and white photos, pictures from the storm which crippled the city of boston almost to the day, 35 years ago. that storm dhan two feet of snow and it lashed the city with hurricane force winds similar to what we're expecting to see this time around. the cars were buried under rivers and snow. the entire city was just frozen in place for the most part and again, the bay state governor ordered all vehicles off the road. they don't want to see a repeat of this. because what happened, people literally got snowed under in their vehicles and some of the people died in those cars. that's a very stark memory for a lot of people in the boston area and they want to make sure that doesn't happen
11:09 am
again. joining us now is a man who remembers that quite well. radio talk show host howie carr covered for the boston herald. how are you doing? >> i'm doing just fine. i'm wondering how i'm going to get home from the radio station tonight since my show runs seven and i'm not supposed to drive a car throughout the afternoon of the. >> martha: i hope you have a cozy pillow there at the radio station. >> and in new york, shut down in boston, the 3:30, it's kind of tough if you have a real job. >> martha: it is tough. i feel for you. and you know, i wonder what you're going to do and hope you have a cozy chair in your office because you may end up staying there tonight. what do you remember about, these are live shots of boston we're looking at right now. and it hasn't even begun, folks. take a look at it. what do you remember about 1978? >> well, i tell you one big difference, martha, in 1978, about ten days before we got hit with the blizzard of 78, we got hit with 21 inches.
11:10 am
and that's still the 6th biggest storm in boston history. there's no place to put this now, even if you had, you know, even if you had a parking space, there were people getting into fights about putting the snow, now, where would it go? there was no, nothing, nothing, nowhere to put it. there was so much snow when they started taking it off 128, the big circular road around the city, they just started in those days they could put it into the harbor and no epa regulations and some of the snow drifts were so high when they started dumping the snow into the harbor, they found out they were dumping cars that had been abandoned into the harbor and that's how much snow there was. >> martha: and it was a different world. i mean, you know, think back, no cell phones, not a lot of communication, not the kind of warnings that we have now about these weather systems. >> right. >> martha: totally different world. >> i mean, you know, it's not like the hurricane of 38 which i don't remember, by the way, but you know, it just came up
11:11 am
out of nowhere, because there was no radar and killed hundreds of people off the new england coast, but you know, in '78 you know, the weathermen were cowboys and everyone had their own system and they didn't have all of these tracks to plan and you know, a couple of guys got it right, but a couple of guys didn't. a lot of people were just caught by surprise. i mean, they knew there was going to be a storm. >> martha: and caught on the highway covered in snow in some tragic cases, right? >> right. and i think duval patrick the first year they got caught with a storm that started about one o'clock in the afternoon and they didn't have time to clear it off the turnpike and it was just a disaster and i think's trying to avoid that and trying to look on the bright side why he's shutting down the state and i can see the mass pipe from where i am right now, the major east-west thoroughfare and the snow doesn't seem to be sticking, you know? it's still in pretty good shape. >> martha: well, i suggest you call the governor. you're a very important person and i think they should give
11:12 am
you a personal snowplow escort in front of their car. >> don't they know who i am, martha. >> martha: they know who you are. howie, thank you, good luck up there. my good friends in the boston area, we wish you good luck and stay safe, everybody. thanks, good to talk to you. >> thanks, martha. bye-bye. >> martha: new concerns for the next generation of american citizens as one poll reveals a lot of people feel like the effects of the great recession, it just might never go away, despite the claims of an economic recovery. that's a sour note. we're going to talk about that coming up. and we'll be watching the radar of course and updating you on the closures, trains, underground, the whole bit. pretty much paralyzed on the east coast. we'll be right back with more in america live. on "america live." >> the heaviest snow between 3 and 7 p.m. tonight and by the time the storm passes saturday afternoon we're expecting accumulations of 10 to 14 inches across the five
11:13 am
boroughs based on the latest national weather service and higher accumulations are possible.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> let's go back to the breaking news out of california. the news conference is going to happen 45 minutes from now and the manhunt for the former police officer who is now on the run. after he allegedly killed three people and declaring it an online manifesto that he will kill more. dominique di-natale is live in big bear lake area now, where the snow is coming down and they have lost the trail on this guy. what are they saying right now out there, dominic? >> and a briefing a short while ago, martha. ultimately they're not making much progress, one of the reasons the bad weather you just talked about. it's coming down with snow and freezing temperatures robbed them of the aerial support they were using and helicopters they were using to do the air search so it's now
11:17 am
just ground crew they can do. and the sheriff a short while ago says he has a hundred officers on the ground and they're going to keep going, despite the terrible conditions until they discover he's no longer on the mountain, or until they find him, martha. >> we're going to continue to search primarily up in the mountain area to make sure there's a lot of cabins up there that are abandoned, we want to make sure he doesn't find a place to hide out for the night. and once we exhaust that, then we'll continue to reevaluate what we're going to do next. >> so, is he on the mountain or has he left? has he perhaps stolen a car or taken off? well, they still have to take people up to the top of the mountain to find it out. because of these conditions and it's getting worse as i speak, actually. they're having to take the teams up on snow cats and they've got an armored personnel carrier they're using and the conditions are so tough they have to put snow chains on that and should be able to get through conditions like this. so, a struggle going ahead and a search for christopher still
11:18 am
continues, back to you. >> martha: unbelievable story, thank you, dominic, we'll be back on that in just a moment. and back to the economy now for a moment. we're seeing a new study raising questions about our economy, five years after the start of the financial crisis back in 2008. remember when it all began? millions of job losses since then, mortgage foreclosures, a widespread amount of fear about the nation's economy, and a new study today from rutgers university finds that 60% of americans believe that our current situation is the new normal, get used to it, folks, that this recession, they believe, will really never go away. what does that mean? that's so bleak. and melissa francis is not bleak. and host of "money with melissa francis" on the fox business network. it's something that everybody senses, but to see it in numbers. >> this is a serious study,
11:19 am
it's not a study that they did for a newspaper, this is rutgers university they talked to a thousand different people and what they're responding to is really this slow recovery that we've seen. in the past when we've seen a recession, usually you see the bounceback. we haven't gotten that this time because of the destruction in the housing market and destruction of the financial system. that's one of the reasons and as a result, the people they surveyed, 60% said they think that there has been some permanent change in the economy and another 30%, 29% said they don't think we will ever go back where we were in terms of the economy, economic growth, prosperity, home values. they don't think they're ever going to see what they saw before. it speaks to the pessimism out there now. >> and obviously, critics of the-- there have been a lot of tools put into play to fix this thing. huge stimulus package. health care that was supposed to, you know, sort of project the decline of health care costs over time and all of that was supposed to stimulate the economy. but we have also seen that a lot of people taxes have gone up.
11:20 am
regulations have gone up and i think what businesses here report like that, they feel like not expanding, not growing, like not hiring anybody because they're afraid. >> no, absolutely, they're afraid and the people who lost their jobs, obviously, are the ones that this survey found are among the most despondent. more than 50 cut back on medical treatments or going to see the doctor because they can't afford more than 50%, that's 40% say they were forced to borrow money from family and friends and that's demoralizing thing that a lot of people have to turn to when they're out of work. 20% had to be treated professionally for depression. 38% say they drained a very significant amount out of their savings. so, you're right. small business owners feel very beaten down and individuals, millions of people that are out of work, beaten down as well. another thing i thought was really interesting about this was what they thought the government should be doing. so pretty obvious solutions, it had to do with trying to create jobs. more than anything else. that's what they wanted to see the government do.
11:21 am
and 80% surveyed say the government should give tax credits to employers who want to hire people and sounds simple to create jobs and 80% of response dents thdents thoug creation programs. >> martha: shovel-ready, perhaps something like that. >> right, right. >> martha: because the administration definitely has put out there and you know, the numbers support it that certain areas are picking up. house aring market is figuring up, a little bit and yet, this big issue, the scary big monster on the bottom of all of it is the jobs picture. the president acknowledges it's not improving the way they'd like to. >> we haven't seen a structural change where the jobs are, talked about it a lot. engineering and tech jobs, in the country can't find candidates and people unemployed in manufacturing and construction and can't find jobs. you don't know when that demand is going to pick up again. i think a lot of people in the
11:22 am
survey are right we've seen a structural change in the economy and have to be able to respo respond. >> martha: takes a lot of adapting and the immigration bill, may fill some of the technology jobs, and you need a little optimism and we need a little bit of hope and some numbers to support it. melissa, thank you. hopefully those numbers will turn around in the short-term. good to see you. >> you, too. >> martha: good luck in the snow. (laughter) you can catch much more with melissa on "money with melissa francis" 5 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. we heard dominic a little while ago, reporting that the fired police officer vowed to make his former department pay for what he thinks they did to him. just ahead we're going to talk to a fbi profiler who just traveled from the fed's training center in quantico and she's going to talk to us, she has very interesting observations about christopher dorner and what she believes he's up to. stick around for that, it's
11:23 am
going to be fascinating. how about this, the bush family reportedly the target of successful hackers. we're going to look at what the computer criminals took from the bush family and what they left behind. and of course, the biggest story of the moment we're in the middle of this, a monster storm is now closing in on a fifth of the nation. authorities in massachusetts saying they're going to close down all of the roads. be right back. . >> this is a storm of major proportions. stay off the roads. stay home. let the public works crews do their job for the next 48 to 72 hours, make sure. target is in sight. yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i understand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need. do i have to bid?
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11:26 am
>> this is a crazy story, the bush family has fallen victim to computer hackers. according to the smoking gun,
11:27 am
somebody accessed private photos and e-mails of various family members, including both of the former presidents. a spokesman for george h.w. bush 41, a criminal investigation is underway. and the los angeles bureau, what's going entrees. >> reporter: nobody is commenting because they know what a big security risk this is. you mentioned the e-mails and photos, that's not the end of it. you look at some of the stuff, a hacker named goosefer and emblazoned that. and along with the picture, downloading and hacking, private telephone numbers and addresses of the bush family, including siblings and kids, and they even downloaded a picture of george h.w. bush while he was in the hospital. and put some information about his illness and his prognosis. one of the e-mails had george w. bush's gate code to access his private compound.
11:28 am
now, the hacker who again goes by goose-fer, and the smoking gun says he told them the government has been investigating him for a long time now and that's in the purple blue and yellow puts it across there and says the government has been investigating him for a very long time, but he's also hacked the e-mails of other friends of the bush family, the secret service has confirmed they are investigating this goosefer person and that's all they're giving out everybody tight lipped. they're trying to figure out where the source is and how to stop it now. >> and everybody's photos are digital now and all over the internet between family members and it's too bad. trace, thank you very much. >> okay. >> martha: so we're tracking the blizzard of course and there's a lot to report about what's going on with this. it's slamming the northeast. the worst of it still a couple of hours away from the height
11:29 am
of this thing, and it will affect, we're told. 50 million americans, the latest on this massive storm is predicted to be one for the record books, folks. hunker down, get ready and troubling new poll numbers and a majority of members respond to the question, is america stronger now than it was five years ago with a flat-out no? we're going to debate the reasons that that might be. and whether the so-called obama doctrine, you remember the bush doctrine and now you have the obama doctrine, is it to blame for the way americans feel about how strong the country is after this. . >> america remains the one indispensible nation and the world needs a strong america and it's stronger now than when i came into office.
11:30 am
11:31 am
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11:33 am
>> fox news alert on the massive manhunt that's going on since sunday in california we're getting word that the county jail is in lockdown. the downtown l.a. jail friday morning, earlier this morning, one of the employees there reported seeing somebody enter the building who they believed resembled this fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner. and everybody is on tenterhooks and looking for this guy and we sort of qualify this a little bit and want to let now that the jail is on lockdown, that's the reason. he's accused of killing three people and wounding two others in a vendetta against the los
11:34 am
angeles police department. and we're told that the deputies surrounded this quickly and a spokesman says the response comes out of what he calls an excess of caution and we're going to talk to trace in a few minutes and a news conference coming up at 3 p.m. you want to stay tuned for as well. four years ago i made you a promise and i ledpledged to tak the fight to our enemies and renew our leadership in the world. as president, that's what i've done. >> instead of pulling back from the world we've strengthsened our aligns while improving our security here at home. as americans we refuse to live in fear. >> america remains the one indispensable nation and the world needs a strong america and it's stronger now than when i came into office. >> martha: so we've heard the president asserting during the campaign last fall that america is stronger than it's ever been before. a brand new fox news poll shows that nearly half of the voters who answered these
11:35 am
questions thinks that the country is weaker now, that it's less powerful now than it was five years ago. 48% of americans say that the country is weaker today, that it's device as many as the 24% who think it's stronger today. more powerful than it was five years ago, 27% think that it's about the same. so, why is that? why is that perception out there? and is it reality? >> joined by alan colmes, the host of the alan colmes show, and bret stevens and lisa, specializing in counterterrorism. alan, what do you make of those numbers? >> i don't know. >> martha: thank you, alan. >> depends what you mean by we. the majority think he's done a good job with terrorism. 49% approval rating and reelected a large portion of people voted for him in the election. when it's weak mean we can't go to as many wars we used to. weak mean we don't have forces to go all over the world.
11:36 am
weak mean that the people think that president didn't do a good job. not according to the poll numbers. >> let me clarify, when president obama took office in 2009 iran had a thousand kilos of low enriched uranium, at the last count last november 7,600 kilos. >> and do you think that the people-- >> enriched uranium and we supposedly have this country in a lock box of sanctions. and the ayatollah says we're not going to bother to bargain with you. and the syrian opposition, 60,000 people have died and there's a perception from afghanistan to iraq, to syria to mali that the-- >> wait, i want to get this this here. >> he said something that's integral, that's what people are voting on? no, people are basing that poll and votes on terrorism, meaning osama bin laden and
11:37 am
he's dead, and that means that terrorism is did he understand. >> thousand that bin laden-- >> if i could respond to all this. he's killed more al-qaeda leaders than previous presidents and there's a perception he's done well on terrorism, a majority of people say he's done a good job on terrorism and also 49% approval rating in multiple polls which is a plurality. and so you want to keep putting him down and saying he's not doing a good job the american people don't see that. >> martha: let me put something in here, the last election first time to alan's point a lot of the polls said that basically people felt that democrats were the stronger party in foreign policy and stronger party in keeping, you know, america safe and terrorism. we've never seen that before. republicans have always won on those measures. whether or not it's the reality on the ground and you can point to each country it does seem to be a perception out there that this party is doing something to keep america safe. >> the perceptions change and perceptions clearly change when suddenly we discovered that in libya and in egypt we
11:38 am
were not as beloved as president obama would have had us-- would have had us believe because he gave a beautiful speech in cairo. in fact, our popularity ratings in many of those countries. >> going back five years. >> are lower than they were under the last-- >> going back five years. >> under george w. bush. >> you're five years old on that statement. >> this is another perfect example. we supported what was supposed to be a freedom agenda in egypt and what do we have? we have a muslim brotherhood taking over. >> and mubarak in office a better move? a dictator in office a better move. >> the current dictator had a love fest with ahmadinejad. >> martha: wait second, this is one of the biggest, most interesting questions i think, because when you look at arab spring we heard across the board from commenttators on television to president obama, this is an inspirational moment that was happening across this whole area of the arab spring and we now see what happened in egypt and 800,000 refugees pushing out of syria and not a lot of
11:39 am
action on the world stage in terms of helping to push anything forward in syria, but my question is, are we in -- this is a hopeful question, are we in a transitionary season? are the governments that we're seeing, are they sustainable? or will mohammed morsi last a very short time and pushed out by freedom seeker who were, some of them, behind this arab spring. >> as you saw by the power grab, he's here to stay. and we made a mistake by so hastily running out there telling mubarak to step down when the forces were hovering overhead and a political vacuum of course. now, as we go country by country look at what's going on in syria. why aren't we there, maybe the french aren't leading us, as they did in libya. and gaddafi is gone, but the stock pile of weapons are spread over northern and western africa. we saw what happened in mali and algeria. >> and reagan didn't get gaddafi, didn't get the things he gets credit--
11:40 am
apparently reagan did no wrong. here is a president who has done what previous presidents would not and blaming, barack obama is responsible for what's going ton in syria and supposed mri working with opposition forces there, and supposedly responsible for what happened in egypt. >> is there a feeling, alan that these governments have nothing to fear from this president or to fear from america, that there's nothing that's coming towards them that keeps them in line and makes them go, maybe we should not go there. >> why should they live in fear of the united states. are you suggest that go we should be threatening other countries on a daily basis. >> suggesting that iran might want to have a sense if they step over the line, they will be dealt with. >> let me make it clear, let me just answer that, not one person who has not said, all operations or on the table with iran. obama said it, panetta said, secretary of the defense said it. >> martha: and continuing-- >> well, we can't control everything they do, but we've been very clear officer the around, there are people like yourselves, that nothing obama will do would-- >> and that was an accusation,
11:41 am
that's not true. we applauded president obama when he finally took the step to get rid of gaddafi. we've applauded the drone strikes in yemen, in pakistan, we've done so very publicly. more credit by the way than people like you were willing to give bush. but take a look-- >> as a matter of fact i was critical of obama for that very reason. >> take a look at iran, and the administration has been telling us, the iranians are under unprecedented sanctions, under unprecedented pressure and every time we find this time they're finally going to relent because they have no other choice, we put them in a box. the ayatollah khomeini keeps saying i'm not interested in negotiations. >> martha: hold on. >> that the answer you would remember have that than a nuclear-- >> hold on, hold on. lisa said something really important. >> what's outrageous-- >> alan, the bottom line, actions speak much louder than words. we have sanctions against iran. a report that showed in 2012, exports from the u.s. into iran were up by 30%. they're getting around the
11:42 am
sanctions and people on main street in iran, there are two economy-- >> you say you want a war? >> the credibility, who doesn't have a nominated secretary of defense, who has no credibility when it comes to the iranian-- >> the majority of people-- >> tell me how much you'll like the word when the ayatollah khomeini has a nuclear weapon. >> era fear mongerer. >> martha: it's a hot topic, thank you all for wrbringing so much to the table. brent, lisa, alan. and more on the police officer fiertd and lashing out and determined to make his former department pay. there's a fierce manhunt on right now for christopher dorner. we'll talk to a fbi profiler who had training at quantico what those in the field need to know about this individual.
11:43 am
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>> welcome back everybody. let's go back to the developments on the massive manhunt going on in california. we brought you the report minutes ago the county jail was in lockdown in los angeles this morning because an employee there reported that they saw somebody enter the building they thought looked like this man, the fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner, let's go to trace and see how it stands. >> reporter: lapd gave a news conference saying the jail is no longer on lockdown again the second or third time today, it was a false sighting. while police are hunting for christopher dorner, it's possible he's also hunting for them. he promised asymmetrical warfare, which means warfare with no balance or structure. he could come from anywhere and the officer killed was ambushed and again, the snow in big bear, these are not pictures, this is yesterday, but the snow today in big bear
11:47 am
hampering the search and hurting visibility and the entire air search has been canceled and again, they're still up in the mountains, but it's kind of tough going, listen. >> certainly, there has been time to get out of here, but we're not sure if he has in fact left. there's a number of places up on the mountain that we haven't got to yet that we're continuing to search. >> it's important to note that lapd is back on tactful tactical alert it means it's all hands on deck, everybody is working until they are told not to work. the roads in big bear important to point out again, they're still at check points, checking every car connell-- coming in and going out and believed to be in big bear because his car is there, it appears he's not there or hiding well, 24 plus hour later still no sign. >> martha: could be either. could be gone, could be hiding. let's find out more about this man from somebody who has followed is lot of these situations. mary ellen o'toole, a former
11:48 am
fbi profiler and author of "dangerous instincts, how gut feelings betray us" and brought her up to the washington bureau from fbi headquarters in quantico where she's been training fbi agents in profiling. mary ellen, thank you for making time for us today. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> martha: you say judging from what we know about christopher dorner, that to humiliate him as he probably was when he lost his job, with the l.a. police department may have been the trigger here? >> well, i think when he lost his job he was very humiliated and with his personality, he would have responded to that in a very negative way. we call that narcissistic wounding. he's very narcissistic, but there are important behavioral implications to that personality disorder. that is, this is someone who collects injustices his entire
11:49 am
life and he is revengeful. he wants to get back at people, even though that revenge is really disproportionate to what happened to him initially. >> martha: you say that he's incredibly talented? >> no, i think his views of how talented he is and i think his views of how experienced and stealthful he is, those are his views and i think that's so important because narcissists tend to really, really emphasize, overemphasize their talents and their abilities and so, i would say the one thing, he is deadly. he's dangerous, but to say that he is like a superninja rambo kind of guy? in his eyes he is, but let's face it, he's facing thousands of law enforcement officers in southern california. >> martha: yeah. >> he's one man and he may
11:50 am
be-- >> we hope overestimating his own abilities you're saying. >> yes. >> martha: you also talk about the fact that he sent this package that we heard about to cnn to another media outlet and you feel like he wants some sort of recognition, wants to make some kind of public statement and you're urging everybody to be ready for that? >> well, i would say based on what he did, which was send a package to cnn, that does tell us that he wants national or international attention. at least we have to allow for that possibility. and so, if this is what this is all about, he can no longer take on lapd because that's a formable force down there right now. it makes sense to me, there's a good possibility he could reach out for the media and probably not via the mail this time, but more likely through a phone call directly into a media outlet. i would just suggest as a
11:51 am
possibility folks be prepared for that. >> martha: quickly, if you can, what do you think his next move is likely to be? >> here is what i can tell you backwards. he does not want to be in handcuffs, arrested and put in the back of a squad car driven by a lapd officer. he does not want that. they're the enemies. that leaves suicide and certainly a very likely possibility, suicide by cop, but if people get in his way, it could also include murder. he does not want to be arrested and brought into custody by lapd. >> martha: very interesting. mary ellen o'toole, thank you so much for your time today. good to talk to you. >> you're very welcome, thank you. >> martha: back to the big story today. conditions are worsening across large parts of the northeastern united states from this monster blizzard. look at this thing on the radar. we are keeping a close watch on it, we've got the latest information for you on when and how it's hitting, what is shut down, flights, commuter
11:52 am
lines, entire highway systems in the boston area, and whether you're stuck at home because of the storm or not, how you can enjoy your weekend because according to space experts, it may be coming soon, this meteor, asteroid might be hitting us. you might want to enjoy the storm and everything else this weekend. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ don't say no, it's the end of the world ♪ ♪ it ended when i lost your love ♪ ♪ i wake up in the morning and i wonder ♪
11:53 am
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>> here is comes, folks, a quick update for anybody who is planning to travel this weekend. most of the airlines have completely given up now on
11:56 am
flying in and out of new york, boston, and other cities in the northeast as this massive storm threatens to dump snow by the foot, at much as three feet in the boston area is expected. airlines are generally shutting down operation in the afternoon at the three big new york city airports as well as boston, providence and portland, maine. and also in the mix here for an idea why, look at that? i can barely see the northeast united states under that thing. that's a nasa picture taken from space, stretches from cuba up to canada and new details on this just ahead. so enjoy your weekend, folks, because according to nasa, the scientists there who have been taking a look at this. we're about to have a very chosen counter with this office building sized asteroid. how close is it going to come? trace gallagher knows, how does trace know? he's out there checking it out. hi, trace. >> reporter: if it makes you feel any better, martha, this
11:57 am
is nowhere near as big as as asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, that was mild wide. this is like 150 feet. really, just a baby asteroid, but there's a big however here because experts point out it's travelling at about 17,500 miles per hour and at that speed it could pack a pretty good punch. in fact, the same punch as about 2.4 million tons of dynamite which would wipe out about a 750 square mile area, you know, like if it hit l.a., it would probably take out san diego and santa barbara. if it hit new york, clearly would take out your house in new jersey, martha, but you can probably still go hang out in chatham, it's not that far out. nasa says not to worry the closest this asteroid will come is about 17,000 miles away, that's kind of between some of the satellites, and that's a concern, it passes by a week from today and nasa is going to be watching.
11:58 am
watch. we track them for a hundred years into the future and many of them make interesting-- not only because of the threat issue, but because these objects are important for science, they're important for future resources and as well as threats. >> reporter: so bottom line is, nobody ruled out a direct hit, but the odds of that are very, very low. so, enjoy your weekend. >> martha: and i thought smoke something what made the dinosaurs extinct. thank you, trace. >> reporter: you bet. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pk vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant
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